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KIT researchers develop continuous-flow reactor setup for operando x-ray absorption spectroscopy of high pressure heterogeneous liquid–solid catalytic processesIMVT, KIT
Process Engineering: Increasing the Efficiency of Catalysts

KIT researchers develop continuous-flow reactor setup for operando x-ray absorption spectroscopy of high pressure heterogeneous liquid–solid catalytic processes | Paper doi

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Energy Campus 2021Privat
Damaris Krust wins Energy Campus 2021

with her work "Microalgae in the electric chair" on energy-efficient extraction of Alge Chlorella proteins using bioelectric methods.

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Energy Campus 2021Privat
Valentin Goldberg wins Energy Campus 2021

with his work on "Selective precipitation of dissolved minerals from geothermal brines" prepared at KIT and Univerisdad de Chile (UCH).

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Chlorella-vulgaris KIT Mikroalgen
Biotechnology: Microalgae under shock

New method developed at KIT: Electrical pulses can be used to extract high-quality nutrients from algae in an energy-efficient way

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Lothar Späth Award
ITC & ARCUS Greencycling Tech. win Lothar Späth Award 2021 for

chem. recycling of mixed plastic waste - currently non-recyclable on industrial scale. Pyrolysis oil to be used directly in industry. 1st industrial test plant at Industriepark Höchst...

Feststoffbatterie BMBF KompetenzclusterJLU, Elisa Monte
The Next Step in Solid State Batteries

BMBF competence cluster for solid-state batteries starts into the second funding phase - characterization platform to be continued and coordinated by KIT

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Happy new year 2022M. Schäfer
Happy new year 2022!

We wish all scientists, technicians, engineers, students and employees in the MTET Helmholtz program as well as our project partners a good start to a successful year 2022!

News 2021

Intelligent Battery Cell ProductionKIT
Intelligent Battery Cell Production

Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds competence cluster for intelligent battery cell production with a total of around 44 million euros - first results available.

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Enabling Net Zero: a new Graduate School at KIT
Enabling Net Zero - What is it all about?

Supervisors & students of all KIT faculties from energy research are invited to this event to learn about  research topics, quali concept, & how to become active ENZo member

Peter and Luise Hager Prize 2021H. Kirsch, privat
Dr.-Ing. Hannah Kirsch wins Peter and Luise Hager Prize

...2021 for her outstanding work on systematic investigation of process integration of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis & hydrocracking with a view to the simplest possible ...more



more @faculty website

...shows project results that are important for CO2 neutral Germany up to 2050. Net-Zero-2050 is intended to promote the public & political debate on CO2 neutrality on various levels.
 StoRIES – Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System kicks off on 25 November in Ulm, Germany
StoRIES kicks off on 25 November in Ulm, Germany

Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System, the 4 year H2020 project funded by EU Commission is led by KIT. Read the full...Press release

StoRIES website
From research 2 application - with green H2 to climate neutrality

9 MTET speakers/co-authors from KIT participate & show how fossil GHG emissions can be reduced to zero in 10-20 years including green H2 technologies.

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Wissenschaftliche Begleitforschung deckt Energieforschungsbedarfe in Industrie und Gewerbe auf; EE4InG, Energieeffizienz
EE4InG Project Uncovers Demand for Energy Research in Industry & Trade

EE4InG researchers, representatives from BMWi & Projektträger Jülich met for the final meeting at the ETA factory of TU Darmstadt.

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Simultaneous Process Accelerates Electrode Production Drying times significantly reduced without any loss of battery capacity - Results published in Energy Technology
Simultaneous Process Accelerates Electrode Production

Drying times significantly reduced without any loss of battery capacity - Results published in Energy Technol. 2021

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Sektorenkopplung als Schlüssel für eine klimaneutrale Energieversorgung – KIT erprobt neue Strategien und Technologien im Reallabor – BMBF stockt Förderung aufBreig, KIT
Energy Transition: New Technologies for Sector Coupling

Sector coupling is the key to a climate-neutral energy supply. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research increases funding.

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m Modellprojekt GECKO werden die Bedenken und das Wissen Betroffener frühzeitig in die Entwicklung einer Tiefengeothermie-Anlage eingebrachtK. Heid, KIT
Geothermal energy: Join the heat revolution!

The GECKO project explores new ways of stakeholder & citizen participation in the development of infrastructure facilities for the energy transition. Scenario workshop 15 Oct. 21

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4th DOC2021 Doctoral Colloquium Bioenergy was organized on September 13-14, 2021 by the Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology (IKFT) of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) A. Böhm, KIT
4th Doctoral Colloquium Bioenergy at KIT | DOC2021

...serves qualification of young scientists & offers the opportunity for networking, scientific exchange of the latest results & progress in all areas along the biomass conversion chain.

Research for Safe Solid State BatteriesKIT
Research for Safe Solid State Batteries

In the ALANO project, industry & science develop innovative concepts for batteries with lithium metal anode - KIT researchers investigate electrochemical aspects.

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StoRIES: New Push for Energy Storage Research in EuropeKIT
StoRIES: New Push for Energy Storage Research in Europe

In line with the “Green Deal” in Europe, a new European research consortium on energy storage starts work at KIT, involving many MTET scientists.

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Photovoltaics: New Material Combination for Perovskite Solar Cells Increases EfficiencyBreig, KIT
Photovoltaics: New Material Combination Increases Efficiency

KIT team develops method to minimize material defects. Higher efficiency of perovskite tandem solar cells possible: open access study.

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KIT participates in all 3 BMBF Hydrogen Flagship Projects: H2Mare, H2Giga, TransHyDEBreig, KIT
KIT participates in all 3 BMBF Hydrogen Flagship Projects

H2Mare, H2Giga, TransHyDE: Research to accelerate production, transport, and utilization of green hydrogen in the MTET program.

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Battery Research: Carus Medal goes to KIT ScientistP. Neher
Battery Research: Carus Medal goes to KIT Scientist

Dr. Dominic Bresser receives the Leopoldina award for his significant contributions to battery research in the field of alternative electrode materials & electrolyte systems.

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BMBF Appoints MTET Scientist in Advisory Board "Battery Research Germany"
Congratulations! Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Krewer

from IAM-ET, was appointed to the advisory board "Battery Research Germany" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

BMBF Leitprojekt H2GigaPtJ, BMBF
KickOff BMBF Flagship Project H2Giga 26.8.2021

The Electrolysis Technology Platform aims to scale up H2 production to GW scale via industrialization of H2O electrolysis. Involved: MTET scientists from IAM-ET & ISTM.

more @youtube (in German)
Record-breaking Lithium-metal CellAB, KIT
Record-breaking Lithium-metal Cell

Ni-rich cathode and ionic liquid electrolyte enable extremely heigh energy density & good stability. Published open access Wu et al. Joule 2021: Capacity keeps 88 % after 1000 Cycles!

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Synthetic Fuels at KIT: Modular Plant in Successful Coupled OperationKIT
Synthetic Fuels: Modular Plant in Successful Coupled Operation

Power-to-Liquid facility at KIT's Energy Lab 2.0 with optimized reactor design directly combines synthesis gas production from CO2 with fuel production.

KIT press release (in German)
reFuels suitable for general useKIT
reFuels Are Suitable for Wide Use

Field tests show positive results for exhaust emissions - Life cycle assessment (LCA) shows significant CO2 reduction potential of reFuels

KIT press release (in German)
KIT joined 5 consortia of National Research Data InfrastructureBreig, KIT
National Research Data Infrastructure - 8 Consortia...

with KIT participation funded since 2020: NFDI4Cat focuses on catalysis research. MTET scientists Olaf Deutschmann (Co-Speaker), Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt, and Felix Studt are involved.


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European Geothermal Workshop 2021
9th EGW 2021 in Karlsruhe!

The main focus of EGW in 2021 is on high-temperature thermal energy storage. The EGW provides a platform for scientific exchange, especially between PhD students and scientists.



more @AGW website
Project BrineMineGoldberg, KIT
Sustainable Geothermal Raw Material Extraction in Chile

BrineMine project: KIT researches the gentle extraction of energy, raw materials and drinking water from geothermal sources (BMBF project)

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Software „EYCALC"KIT
Photovoltaics: open source tools for yield simulation

The license-free software "EYCALC" from the KIT allows precise calculation of the energy yield of complex perovskite-based tandem solar cells!

KIT press release (in German)
Helmholtz Climate Initiative
What we know about the climate today!

It is done! The updated fact paper of the Helmholtz Climate Initiative is online: On 26 pages... Learn more now! @Twitter &

Basis facts on climate change 06/21
reFuels @Effekte Festival Karlsruhe
reFuels - Panel Discussion @Effekte Festival 2021

How we will move from A to B in a CO2-neutral way is a fundamental question for the future. The project "reFuels - rethinking fuels" is one of the building blocks to find a solution.
Webinar Computational Modelling for Future Research in Geoenvironmental SciencesPixabay
1st webinar on "Discrete Element Method" on 14 July 2021, 9 am

Prof. Sergio Galindo Torres will give a lecture on the topic above as part of the series "Computational Modelling for Future Research in Geoenvironmental Sciences".

Registration is required here
Influence of variable CO/CO2/H2 synthesis gas in the direct DME synthesis
Mr. Stefan Wild wins the Best Poster Award for his paper

"Influence of variable CO/CO2/H2 synthesis gas in the direct DME synthesis" at the "Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering" of ProcessNet (Würzburg, 12 May 2021).

Helmholtz Workshop CO2 Electroconversion 2021
6th July 2021 | The Helmholtz Workshop CO2 Electroconversion

aims to present the scope of research in our different groups, share both knowledge & experiences and initiate opportunities for networking & co-operation between Helmholtz Centers.

HGF scientists register here...
KIT bioliq plant is featured on the cover of the current CIT issueKIT
KIT bioliq plant featured on cover of the current CIT issue

The Special Issue deals with Circular Economy as a key topic in Chemical Reaction Engineering.  A study shows how artificial neural networks are used to model the direct synthesis of DME.

more@ Chem. Ing. Tech.
Is the energy transition almost complete? Britta Nestler will speak on this topic as part of KIT21, the virtual KIT "Open Day" from 12 to 18 June as part of the Karlsruhe Science Festival EFFEKTE.
Is the energy transition almost complete?

Britta Nestler will speak & answer questions on this topic as part of KIT21, the virtual KIT "Open Day" from 12 to 18 June as part of the Karlsruhe Science Festival EFFEKTE.

7 days 7 questions 7 formats
With new methods from AQua, the quality of the electrode coating can be checked automatically.Westermann, KIT
A quality offensive for better batteries

In the AQua battery competence cluster, KIT optimizes the mass production of high-quality lithium-ion batteries with automatic defect detection. BMBF website (German)

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Unlocking synergy in bimetallic catalysts by core–shell design
Unlocking synergy in bimetallic catalysts by core–shell design

Scientists from Uni Utrecht & KIT combine expertise in synthesis & theory to understand the catalytic behavior of bimetallic Pd-Au core-shell nanorods using quantum chemical calculations. (IKFT news)
200 Years of Hermann von Helmholtz - 200 Challenges
200th birthday of Hermann von Helmholtz - 200 challenges

On this occasion, we will be presenting 200 major scientific challenges of our time - the challenges (@twitter) that our researchers work on every day. (German)
Dr. Silke Behrens Appointed as KIT ProfessorKIT
Dr. Silke Behrens Appointed as KIT Professor

She strengthens the MTET topics "Chemical Energy Carriers" & "Power-based Fuels and Chemicals" with her contributions on model systems & functional nano materials in catalysis.

more @ IKFT website
In the future, the University of Hohenheim will conduct joint research at its biorefinery pilot plant with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).M. Kovalenko Uni Hohenheim
Biorefinery on the Farm of the Future - Closing Cycles on Site

KIT & UHOH research in a joint pilot plant - residual biomass can be refined into new materials & energy sources. The biorefinery farm aims at economic & sustainable tech solutions on site.

In the bioliq facility at KIT's North Campus, AI methods are used to optimize production processes.Bramsiepe, KIT
AI: More efficient production processes - algorithms do the job

Process plants of small and medium-sized enterprises could save costs and reduce their emissions with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI methods used @ bioliq facility
Perovskite solar modulesBramsiepe, KIT
Perovskite Solar Modules: High Efficiency on a Large Area

KIT researchers combine serial interconnection by laser with vacuum processing of all solar cell layers - upscaling paves the way from laboratory to industry

Update Workshop of the Cross-Cutting Activity BioeconomyB. Schäfer, KIT
Update Workshop of the Cross-Cutting Activity Bioeconomy

Scientists from UFZ Leipzig, FZ Jülich & KIT have presented research results on the bioeconomy to join forces in a network of future activities.

SOMA @UFZ Leipzig
Bioeconomy was the subject of KIT's 2021 anniversary celebrationKIT
Bioeconomy was the subject of KIT's 2021 anniversary celebration

Almuth Arneth, Christine Rösch & Jörg Sauer discussed the contributions of sustainable bioeconomy for a CO2-neutral society.

more @youtube @31:30 min
Renewable Energies: Towards large-scale thermal storage

KIT scientists & partners conduct research into inexpensive & highly efficient thermal storage systems of the next generation in the BMWi-Project LIMELISA. Grant: 03EE5050C

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Battery Research - More CapacityGrafik: Wiley-VCH GmbH, 2021
Battery Research: More Capacity (chosen as Hot Paper by Editors)

MTET researchers have shown how improved oxygen chemistry enhances the durability of lithium-ion batteries.
Take a look at the open access "HOT PAPER" in Angewandte Chemie.

KIT news
BMBF Appoints MTET Scientist in Advisory Board "Battery Research Germany"
New KIT Members in the Advisory Board Battery Research Germany

Prof. Helmut Ehrenberg was appointed by the Federal Ministry of Education & Research to the advisory board "Battery Research Germany" & joins as KIT's third MTET scientist.

'Materials for Hybrid Energy Storage - Creating an Ecosystem for Innovation'
EERA Workshop on Materials for Hybrid Energy Storage

will take place next week April 14, 2021, 10-12 pm (CET) with speakers from academia, industry, and politics to share knowledge, experiences & discuss future scenarios.

Register @ EERA website
The KIT with reFuels in “Energy Solutions“ @Hannover Messe 2021
reFuels is an “Energy Solution“ of KIT @Hannover Messe 21

On 14.04.2021 | 10:30 - 10:55 we will present our most important exhibits on the topic "Energy Solutions" in a live stream. One of them is reFuels with news on renewable fuels (yt in 150s).

What is CO2-neutral mobility?
MoNiKa power plant technology centre: Sustainable Power Generation with Low TemperaturesKIT
Sustainable Power Generation at Low Temperatures

MoNiKa power plant technology hub: Industry & science work on energy-efficient technologies converting low-temperature heat into electricity

Kickoff Research Field Energy BS, KIT
...will take place online as a vidco on July 2, 2021

All contributors in the Research Field Energy are invited to the Helmholtz-internal kickoff event... join us for the cross-program thematic workshops!

Junior Professor Ulrich W. Paetzold appointedM. Breig, KIT
Dr. Ulrich W. Paetzold appointed as tenure-track professor at KIT

The tenure-track professorship "Next Generation Photovoltaics" strengthens the activities in the field of perovskite photovoltaics starting March 1, 21.

Project KickOff: Solar H2 - Pure and Compressed
Helmholtz KickOff Meeting: March, 5 2021, 3-5 pm

KIT scientists & Helmholtz colleagues are jointly investigating solar-based production pathways of H2 regarding required pressure & purity of various applications.

Innenansicht des SmartBatteryMakers mit zentralem Roboter und den drei Produktionsmodulen zum Stapeln (links), Kontaktieren (Mitte) und Verpacken (rechts). (Foto: Robert Fuge)R. Fuge, KIT
Agile Production: More than 14 M€ for Battery Research

KIT coordinates Agilobat2: Novel production system for battery cells, flexible in formats, materials & quantities, BMBF funds 2nd period.

StoRIES: proposal for an unique Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System
Proposal for Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System

KIT, as project coordinator, submitted a proposal to address European Green Deal challenges in the field of hybrid energy storage. Youtube
 M. Breig, KIT
Renewable Energy: CO2 Splitting by Microwave Plasma

KIT researchers show in ACS Energy Letters that high efficiency is possible not only in vacuum but also at atmospheric pressure.

Boysen Award 2021S. Schäfer, KIT
Friedrich and Elisabeth Boysen Award 2021 | Congratulations!

Dr.-Ing. Marion Börnhorst won the Award for her outstanding doctoral thesis "Urea-Water Sprays in NOx Emission Control Systems".

more@KIT library
Expert Workshop on 3D Printing for Process Industry
Exploiting Efficiency Potential of 3D Printing in Process Industry

Workshop of industry, science & policy makers about innovative products & technical solutions reducing energy consumption & CO2 emissions.

EE4InG website
Girls Day 2021
Girls Day 2021 - On April 22!

We offer girls from 8th grade onwards exciting insights into our work & labs: Fuels from air & green energy @IMVT, H2 a sustainable energy storage @ITCP/IKFT, Battery empty?! @BTC

more@Girls' Day Radar
Serpens wins NEULAND Innovation ContestN. Li, KIT
IHM wins NEULAND Innovation Award (Most Innovative Idea)

Dr. Li, Dr. Link & Prof. Jelonnek (IHM) developed efficient & rapid prototype 3D microwave printing system SERPENS. Interview | R2B offer 688

Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups – Call 2021
Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups – Call 2021

Apply as outstanding young scientist (2 to 6 yrs of posdoc & documented internat. research experience) We are looking for you! Helmholtz website

Deadline 4 KIT nominees 28.2.21
Ein Blick ins Innenleben der Geothermieanlage BruchsalEnBw, U. Deck
UnLimited: Lithium from the Upper Rhine Graben for Batteries

Congratulation: BMWi-funded joint project UnLimited kicks off with studies on geothermal lithium production: 12/2020-11/2024.


Operando X-ray spectroscopy shows what happens in each single part of a working catalyst.Dmitry Doronkin, KIT
Three-dimensional View of Catalysts in Action

Operando X-ray Spectroscopy brings new opportunities for materials and reaction diagnostics: Published in Nature Catalysis.


Im Projekt „BiFlow“ wird das Studierendenwohnhaus STAGE76 in Bruchsal mit einem innovativen Energiespeicher ausgestattet, der die Bewohner mit Wärme und Strom versorgt.
Energiewende: Decentralized energy supply - innovative combined heat&power generation

Field test for redox flow/ Li-ion battery pair: Efficient & long-lasting power & heat supply. KIT Battery Technology Center involved in Project BiFlow!

Congratulations! MTET scientists participate in new collaborative research center at KIT

DFG funds new Collaborative Research Center "TrackAct" to understand catalytic processes at active centers in heterogeneous catalysts for emission control.

Appointment of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bronislava Gorr to the IAM-AWP in October 2020

MTET subtopics Thermal Energy Storage & Concentrating Solar Power are strengthened by her contributions in the field of material behavior under extreme environmental conditions.

 Markus Breig, KIT
KIT and Audi Work on Recycling Method for Automotive Plastics

Closed cycles: Engineering plastic waste can first be converted into pyrolysis oil and then into new plastic materials.

 NKT Cables Group
Stromtransport: Das längste Hochspannungs-Supraleiterkabel der Welt

In München soll das längste Supraleiterkabel der Welt realisiert und wirtschaftlich eingesetzt werden. Das KIT ist an dem Projekt beteiligt.

Join in shaping the regional heat transition!

What role does geothermal energy play for you? The DeepStor accompanying project GECKO has been launched!

 Florian Maurer, KIT
Noble Metal Clusters Can Enhance Performance of Catalysts and Save Resources

Lower-cost Production Thanks to Optimized Distribution of Atoms – Publication in Nature Catalysis

 Daniel Messling, KIT
Neues EU-Projekt soll Batterieentwicklung beschleunigen

Die neuartige Entwicklungsstrategie der europäischen Initiative BATTERY 2030+ startet unter Beteiligung der Forschungsplattform CELEST mit KIT und Uni Ulm

CO2-neutral eFuels from renewable electricity and CO2 from the air

The entry for the Fast Forward Science web video competition shows that e-fuels can be used to make rapid progress in an environmentally friendly way.

more @youtube (in German)
 Moritz Leg
Vom Treibhausgas zum Hightech-Rohstoff im Projekt NECOC

Technologien für negative THG-Emissionen: Am KIT entsteht eine Versuchsanlage zur Umwandlung von CO2 aus der Umgebungsluft in festen Kohlenstoff