We engage in collaborative research projects with academic & industrial partners. Thus, we transfer knowledge into application, strengthen networking & talent management.

3rd Party Funded Joint Research Projects

MTET scientists are involved in a variety of 3rd party funded national & European collaborative research projects with academic & industrial partners that are complimentary to the research programs funded through the Helmholtz-Association.

Targets include the investigation of fundamental research questions not addressed in the Helmholtz program, the application of knowlegde generated in the program to other important research areas, the support of doctoral researchers in new research fields, and the transfer of research results into innovation together with partners from industry.



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Zeitenwende Energy Security

3+1 initiatives to rapidly improve the security of supply of energy and energy materials. The fourth initiative is RESUR a Helmholtz platform for the design of robust energy systems and raw material supply. 

Helmholtz Innovation Pool Projects

Innovation Pool Project: "Pure & Compressed Solar Hydrogen"
Solar Hydrogen - Pure & Compressed

Helmholtz scientists work together on different aspects for the successful supply & use of hydrogen by means of solar-based heat & electricity...

Project website of the KIT activities
Innovation Pool Project: "Energy Transition & Circular Economy"BS, HZDR & KIT
Energy Transition & Circular Economy

Scientists of the Helmholtz MTET and ESD programs work together on decarbonization and flexibilization of energy-intensive recycling processes...

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National Collaborative Projects

Key components for next generation liquid metal (LM) & liquid salt heat storage systems; Design of a LM circuit & investigation of structural materials in liquid metal.ITES, KIT
LIMELISA 02/21-01/24

Key components for next generation liquid metal (LM) & liquid salt heat storage systems; Design of a LM circuit & investigation of structural materials in liquid metal. BMWi Grant: 03EE5050C

ITES Website
EIKE - Development and testing of inhibitor combinations for the efficient use of hydrothermal reservoirs; Subproject: Selection and evaluation of an inhibitor combination
EIKE 01/20-11/23

EIKE - Development and testing of inhibitor combinations for the efficient use of hydrothermal reservoirs. BMWi Grant: 03EE4022A

 LiMES - Lithium Ion Mobility in Electrolytes and Separators
Li Ion Mobility in Electrolytes & Separators 07/19-06/22

Development of measurement method & cell for the quantification of electrolytes & separators for chemical energy storage. BMWi Grant: 03ET6155B

Project @EnArgus
AdHyBau 05/21-04/23

Development of hybrid designs for HP electric motors, 3D printed & fiber composite-metal hybrid designs, for use in cryogenic applications in H2 atmospheres.

SuperLink - Inner-city HTS high-voltage cable to safeguard critical infrastructure in the course of the energy transition in Munich.NKT
SuperLink 10/20-03/23

SuperLink - Inner-city HTS high-voltage cable (110 kV, 500 MVA) to safeguard critical infrastructure in the course of the energy transition in Munich. SWM @youtube BMWi Grant: 03EN2036E

Press release BMWi
DEMO200 - Development of a 200,000 A superconducting industrial busbar.Viktor Stark
DEMO200 07/19-12/21

Development of a superconducting (2G HTS) high current system for 200 kA DC short distance transmission in industry @70 K. Energy saving ind. processes (BMWi) Grant: 03ET1670B

Project website
RoWaMag: developing a robust and low-maintenance magnetic heater
RoWaMag 04/19-03/22

Robust & low-maintenance magnetic heater with high-temp. superconductor coils for hot forming processes. Energy Technologies (BMWi) Grant: 03ET1651A | Presentation @ZIEHL 03/2020

German Energy Solutions Initiative
Ein Blick ins Innenleben der Geothermieanlage BruchsalEnBw, U. Deck
UnLimited: Lithium from the Upper Rhine Graben for Batteries

Congratulation: BMWi-funded joint project UnLimited kicks off with studies on geothermal lithium production: 12/2020-11/2024.


NECOC Project
NECOC - NEgative CarbOn dioxide to Carbon 12/19-11/22

Creation of negative emissions by separating atmospheric CO2 into economically usable carbon black & O2. Energy Technologies (BMWi) Grant: 03EE5009A

more @ TVT website
P2X Koperinkus Project
Kopernikus Project: P2X-2 09/19-08/22

Research, validation and implementation of 'Power-to-X' concepts | Basic Energy Research BMBF Grant: 03SFK2K0-2 | IMVT website

Kopernikus Project website
Power Fuel
PowerFuel: Demonstration & Potential Analysis 12/18-11/21

Synthetic Fuel Production from CO2: 'Direct Activation of CO2 & Transient Operation of JetFuel Synthesis'. Power-based fuel generation (BMWi) Grant: 03EIV071B

KIT Press Release

European Collaborative Projects


Aim is to advance the production of next generation biofuels for shipping & aviation: By improving integrated technologies for complete conversion of #1 LIGN residue biomass & #2 organic municipal waste (OFMSW) Grant: No 101007130

 Sodium-Ion and sodium Metal BAtteries for efficient and sustainable next-generation energy storage
SIMBA 01/21-06/24

Sodium-Ion and sodium Metal BAtteries for efficient and sustainable next-generation energy storage: The project main goal is the development of a highly cost-effective, safe, all-solid-state-battery with sodium as mobile ionic charge carrier for stationary energy storage applications. Grant: No 963542

CERESiS - Making sustainable biofuels on formerly contaminated land
CERESiS 11/20-04/24

CERESiS: ContaminatEd land Remediation through Energy crops for Soil improvement to liquid fuel Strategies. Making sustainable biofuels on formerly contaminated land. EU H2020 Grant: No 101006717 @IKFT

Project website
Magnetohydro­dynamic Enhanced Entry System for Space Transportation
MEESST 10/20-09/23

FET-OPEN Challenging Current Thinking Project: filling the gap between research & application, towards the development of a first-of-its-kind demonstrator implementing active magnetic shielding for the Re-entry. Grant: No 899298

Battery Interface Genome - Materials Acceleration Platform
BIG-MAP Battery Interface Genome - Materials Acceleration Platform 09/20-08/23

Promoting accelerated discovery of novel battery materials by a radical paradigm shift in battery innovation, which will lead to a dramatic speed-up in the battery discovery and innovation time. Grant: No 957189

Project website
BATTERY 2030+ large-scale research initiative: At the heart of a connected green society
BATTERY 2030+ 09/20-08/23

This large-scale research initiative, initiates the 1st phase of inventing the sustainable batteries of the future. 7 projects contribute to the implementation of ultrahigh-performance, reliable, safe, sustainable & affordable batteries. Grant: No 957213

Project website
Black Liquor to Fuel by Efficient HydroThermal Application integrated to Pulp Mill
Black Liquor to Fuel (BL2F) 04/20-03/23

...develops a first-of-its-kind integrated “Hydrothermal Liquefaction” process @pulp mills, decreasing CO2 emissions during the fuel intermediate creation. Further upgrade at oil refineries provides a feedstock for marine & aviation fuels. Grant: No 884111

Project website: www.bl2f.eu/
Development of all thin-film PERovskite on CIS TANDem photovoltaics
PERCISTAND 01/20-06/23

The focus is on four-pole tandem solar cell & module prototype testing on glass substrates that are expected to be competitive with commercial PV technologies in future. EU Horizon2020 Grant: No 850937

Project website
European Training Network POLYSTORAGE
European Training Network POLYSTORAGE 11/19-10/23

POLYSTORAGE establishes a EU-wide network to train 16 early-stage researchers in the field via doctoral programmes at local universities & in summer schools, workshops, conferences & research exchanges. M. Skłodowska-Curie Grant: No 860403

Project website
VIDICAT - Versatile Ionomers for DIvalent CAlcium baTteries 03/19-02/23

Post-Li batteries solutions such as Na, Mg or Ca technologies have emerged. VIDICAT develops highly stable electrolytes based on nanocomposite ionomers & explores positive electrodes to build trustworthy & safe Ca batteries. Grant: No 829145

Project website
PNR for safety of hydrogen driven vehicles and transport through tunnels and similar confined spaces
HyTunnel-CS 03/19 - 02/22

Pre-normative research for safety of H2 driven vehicles & transport through tunnels & similar confined spaces. The aim is to facilitate H2-vehicles entering underground traffic systems at the same risk as fossil fuel transport. Grant: No 826193

Silicon Alloying Anodes for High Energy Density Batteries comprising Lithium Rich Cathodes and Safe Ionic Liquid based Electrolytes for Enhanced High VoltagE Performance.
Si-Drive 01/19-01/23

Si-DRIVE will tackle the major barriers to electric vehicle (EV) uptake, which relate to driving range, cost & recharge times, by completely re-imagining Li ion battery: Amorphous silicon coated copper silicide network as anode, polymer/ionic liquid electrolytes & Li-rich Co-free cathodes... Grant: No 814464

Project website
European Magnesium Interactive Battery Community
E-MAGIC 01/19-12/22

... is a FET Proactive project that sought for a practical Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries (RMB) as a cutting-edge high-risk / high-reward research & innovation. EU H2020 Grant: No 824066

Project website
NextGenRoadFuels Sustainable Drop-In Transport fuels from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Low Value Urban Feedstocks
NextGenRoadFuels 11/18 - 10/22

Sustainable Drop-In Transport fuels by Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Low Value Urban Feedstocks. Circular economy approach: Development of a cost-effective valorisation pathway for multiple urban waste streams  Grant: No 818413

Project website
Kerogreen 04/18-03/22

Production of aircraft grade Kerosine from water & air powered by Renewable Electricity, through the splitting of CO2, formation of syngas & Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. www.KEROGREEN.eu
EU Horizon2020 Grant: No 763909

more @ IMVT website
TOMOCON - A Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network
Smart tomographic sensors for advanced industrial process control 09/17-08/21

EU Training Network TOMOCON joins 12 internat. academic institutions & 15 industry partners, working in the emerging field of industrial process control using smart tomographic sensors. Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant: No 764902

Project website
Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge II
BRISK II 05/17-04/22

The vision of BRISK II is to establish a centre of excellence in the field of 2nd and 3rd generation biofuels via the uniting of leading European research infrastructures. Grant: No 731101

Project website