Fundamentals and Materials

Processes inside a battery are very complex. Their investigation requires a comprehensive research approach which addresses fundamental aspects like electrochemistry, modelling, synthesis and materials characterization as well as electrochemical processes in the materials and at the interfaces in a cell alike. This knowledge is the basis for a target-oriented material development.

  • Design and synthesis of new electrochemically active electrode materials and electrolytes to achieve improved battery performance, safety and lifetime.
  • Comprehension of the basic electrochemical processes at the interfaces between the various cell elements based on the continuous development of tools for modelling and simulation in 3D at all relevant time- and length-scales.
  • Development and application of spatially resolved operando and in situ methods as well as post-mortem materials characterization techniques to identify and investigate the relevant transport mechanisms and processes in detail.
  • Modelling based on experimental operando results with a high spatial resolution, validating and further improving  the modelling basis by providing high-accuracy physical, chemical and dynamic information on the properties of materials, electrodes, cells and local processes.
  • A Materials Acceleration Platform will be established where an autonomous robotics together with artificial intelligence will speed up the discovery of new materials by an order.


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