Chemical Energy Carriers

The topic tackles efficient chemical and electrochemical conversion technologies to bridge the gap between energy supply and demand across time and different locations in the power sector, as well as applications in the mobility and industrial sectors. New processes such as power-to-X technologies are designed to convert renewable electricity into chemical energy carriers in an eco-friendly way with strongly reduced or zero emissions. These may include green hydrogen or synthetic fuels, for example, which can be readily stored and transported and are suitable for a wide range of applications in the energy system.

KIT focus Chemical Energy Carriers

Power based fuels and chemicals
Power-based Fuels and Chemicals
Technical Fuel Assessment
Technical Fuel Assessment


Synthetic Fuels at KIT: Modular Plant in Successful Coupled OperationKIT
Synthetic Fuels: Modular Plant in Successful Coupled Operation

Power-to-Liquid facility at KIT's Energy Lab 2.0 with optimized reactor design directly combines synthesis gas production from CO2 with fuel production.

KIT press release (in German)
reFuels suitable for general useKIT
reFuels Are Suitable for Wide Use

Field tests show positive results for exhaust emissions - Life cycle assessment (LCA) shows significant CO2 reduction potential of reFuels

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KIT joined 5 consortia of National Research Data InfrastructureBreig, KIT
National Research Data Infrastructure - 8 Consortia...

with KIT participation funded since 2020: NFDI4Cat focuses on catalysis research. MTET scientists Olaf Deutschmann (Co-Speaker), Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt, and Felix Studt are involved.


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reFuels @Effekte Festival Karlsruhe
reFuels - Panel Discussion @Effekte Festival 2021

How we will move from A to B in a CO2-neutral way is a fundamental question for the future. The project "reFuels - rethinking fuels" is one of the building blocks to find a solution.
Influence of variable CO/CO2/H2 synthesis gas in the direct DME synthesis
Mr. Stefan Wild wins the Best Poster Award for his paper

"Influence of variable CO/CO2/H2 synthesis gas in the direct DME synthesis" at the "Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering" of ProcessNet (Würzburg, 12 May 2021).

Unlocking synergy in bimetallic catalysts by core–shell design
Unlocking synergy in bimetallic catalysts by core–shell design

Scientists from Uni Utrecht & KIT combine expertise in synthesis & theory to understand the catalytic behavior of bimetallic Pd-Au core-shell nanorods using quantum chemical calculations. (IKFT news)
200 Years of Hermann von Helmholtz - 200 Challenges
200th birthday of Hermann von Helmholtz - 200 challenges

On this occasion, we will be presenting 200 major scientific challenges of our time - the challenges (@twitter) that our researchers work on every day. (German)
Dr. Silke Behrens Appointed as KIT ProfessorKIT
Dr. Silke Behrens Appointed as KIT Professor

She strengthens the MTET topics "Chemical Energy Carriers" & "Power-based Fuels and Chemicals" with her contributions on model systems & functional nano materials in catalysis.

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Project KickOff: Solar H2 - Pure and Compressed
Helmholtz KickOff Meeting: March, 5 2021, 3-5 pm

KIT scientists & Helmholtz colleagues are jointly investigating solar-based production pathways of H2 regarding required pressure & purity of various applications.

 M. Breig, KIT
Renewable Energy: CO2 Splitting by Microwave Plasma

KIT researchers show in ACS Energy Letters that high efficiency is possible not only in vacuum but also at atmospheric pressure.

Boysen Award 2021S. Schäfer, KIT
Friedrich and Elisabeth Boysen Award 2021 | Congratulations!

Dr.-Ing. Marion Börnhorst won the Award for her outstanding doctoral thesis "Urea-Water Sprays in NOx Emission Control Systems".

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Serpens wins NEULAND Innovation ContestN. Li, KIT
IHM wins NEULAND Innovation Award (Most Innovative Idea)

Dr. Li, Dr. Link & Prof. Jelonnek (IHM) developed efficient & rapid prototype 3D microwave printing system SERPENS. Interview | R2B offer 688

Congratulations! MTET scientists participate in new collaborative research center at KIT

DFG funds new Collaborative Research Center "TrackAct" to understand catalytic processes at active centers in heterogeneous catalysts for emission control.