Using energy & resources more efficiently is one of the major challenges worldwide. The vanishing resistance & high current-carrying capacity of superconductors mean that a wide range of applications in energy, industry, research & mobility can be made much more compact & efficient.

High-Temperature Superconductivity

High-temperature superconductivity is in the spotlight as it accelerates the massive integration of renewable energies, for example with lightweight and efficient wind turbines, compact underground cables and new fault current limiters.

It is also a key technology for improving energy and resource efficiency, e.g. through magnetic heating in industrial applications, levitation in transportation, and an enabler for disruptive technologies.

However, superconducting applications still require improved material properties as well as tailored material and conductor concepts. A general challenge in this field is the development of new and advanced simulation tools that can be adapted to the Industry 4.0 standard and recent developments in digitalization. These findings must be adapted in a multidisciplinary approach to develop large-scale demonstrators and prototypes that are tested and operated under real conditions.

High-Temperature Superconductivity - "In principle, there is no better way to transport or use electricity"

Interview with Prof. Tabea Arndt at BMWK's "Energy Efficiency Research for Industry and Trade" congress in Berlin in May 2022

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Prof. Tabea Arndt is curator of the Research Field High-Temperature Superconductivity of the Research Network "Industry and Commerce" which is a part of the Research Networks Energy of the BMWK.

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The TransHyDE AppLHy! project is one of three hydrogen flagship projects of the BMBF.

The TransHyDE AppLHy! project is one of three hydrogen flagship projects PtJ on behalf of the BMBF
The TransHyDE AppLHy! project is one of three hydrogen flagship projects of the BMBF.
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What’s it about?
Green hydrogen is essential for a competitive, climate-neutral economy of the future. Sustainable transport with high density fuel can be realised as liquid hydrogen (LH2). This is already happening – but the potential goes far beyond today’s applications.

What’s the idea?
The TransHyDE AppLHy! project aims to improve the liquefaction of hydrogen as well as the transport and storage technology of LH2 and to explore synergies. One approach: The cryogenic temperature of liquid hydrogen ( 253°C) is ideal for superconducting components such as power cables.

What’s the potential?
Long-haul transport for ships, aircraft, locomotives and lorries is difficult to achieve with batteries. LH2 as a fuel makes carbon-free long-haul transport possible. If superconductors are used on top, drive efficiency and performance are increased without additional cooling requirements.

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AdHyBau 05/21-04/23

Development of hybrid designs for HP electric motors, 3D printed & fiber composite-metal hybrid designs, for use in cryogenic applications in H2 atmospheres.

SuperLink - Inner-city HTS high-voltage cable to safeguard critical infrastructure in the course of the energy transition in Munich.NKT
SuperLink 10/20-03/23

SuperLink - Inner-city HTS high-voltage cable (110 kV, 500 MVA) to safeguard critical infrastructure in the course of the energy transition in Munich. SWM @youtube BMWi Grant: 03EN2036E

Press release BMWi
DEMO200 - Development of a 200,000 A superconducting industrial busbar.Viktor Stark
DEMO200 07/19-12/21

Development of a superconducting (2G HTS) high current system for 200 kA DC short distance transmission in industry @70 K. Energy saving ind. processes (BMWi) Grant: 03ET1670B

Project website
RoWaMag: developing a robust and low-maintenance magnetic heater
RoWaMag 04/19-03/22

Robust & low-maintenance magnetic heater with high-temp. superconductor coils for hot forming processes. Energy Technologies (BMWi) Grant: 03ET1651A | Presentation @ZIEHL 03/2020

German Energy Solutions Initiative
Magnetohydro­dynamic Enhanced Entry System for Space Transportation
MEESST 10/20-09/23

FET-OPEN Challenging Current Thinking Project: filling the gap between research & application, towards the development of a first-of-its-kind demonstrator implementing active magnetic shielding for the Re-entry. Grant: No 899298


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