Photovoltaics and Wind Energy

Photovoltaics (PV) and Wind Energy, are the two most important technological pillars for the future supply of renewable electricity. Our research covers basic materials issues, the development of high-performance components and systems, long-term stability and cost-effective and sustainable production technologies. Moreover, the integration of these fluctuating generation technologies into the entire energy system as well as environmental and acceptance aspects will be addressed in close cooperation with the ESD program.

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From Novel Materials towards Ubiquitous Applications: Despite the significant progress made in lowering the electricity generation costs during the past decades, an increase of the power conversion efficiency of PV provides the most important leverage for further reducing the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), the key indicator in a competitive energy market and a powerful enabler for the transition to a sustainable energy system by further electrification of sectors such as transport, heating/cooling and energy-intensive industry. Accordingly, the strategic goal for funding period (POF IV) is to realize new photovoltaic device concepts surpassing today’s efficiency limits at low costs demonstrating long-term stable PV module technology with efficiencies above 30 %. Additionally these new technologies should explore new functionalities that meet the key criteria for resource-saving, sustainable and cost-effective industrial production and integration into system solutions.

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Materials and Interfaces
Cell Design an Development
Modules, Reliability and Specific Applications
Simulation, Theory, Optics and Analytics


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