Dr. Silke Behrens Appointed as KIT ProfessorKIT
Dr. Silke Behrens Appointed as KIT Professor

She strengthens the MTET topics "Chemical Energy Carriers" & "Power-based Fuels and Chemicals" with her contributions on model systems & functional nano materials in catalysis.

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In the future, the University of Hohenheim will conduct joint research at its biorefinery pilot plant with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).M. Kovalenko Uni Hohenheim
Biorefinery on the Farm of the Future - Closing Cycles on Site

KIT & UHOH research in a joint pilot plant - residual biomass can be refined into new materials & energy sources. The biorefinery farm aims at economic & sustainable tech solutions on site.

In the bioliq facility at KIT's North Campus, AI methods are used to optimize production processes.Bramsiepe, KIT
AI: More efficient production processes - algorithms do the job

Process plants of small and medium-sized enterprises could save costs and reduce their emissions with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI methods used @ bioliq facility
Perovskite solar modulesBramsiepe, KIT
Perovskite Solar Modules: High Efficiency on a Large Area

KIT researchers combine serial interconnection by laser with vacuum processing of all solar cell layers - upscaling paves the way from laboratory to industry

Update Workshop of the Cross-Cutting Activity BioeconomyB. Schäfer, KIT
Update Workshop of the Cross-Cutting Activity Bioeconomy

Scientists from UFZ Leipzig, FZ Jülich & KIT have presented research results on the bioeconomy to join forces in a network of future activities.

SOMA @UFZ Leipzig
Bioeconomy was the subject of KIT's 2021 anniversary celebrationKIT
Bioeconomy was the subject of KIT's 2021 anniversary celebration

Almuth Arneth, Christine Rösch & Jörg Sauer discussed the contributions of sustainable bioeconomy for a CO2-neutral society.

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Renewable Energies: Towards large-scale thermal storage

KIT scientists & partners conduct research into inexpensive & highly efficient thermal storage systems of the next generation in the BMWi-Project LIMELISA. Grant: 03EE5050C

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Battery Research - More CapacityGrafik: Wiley-VCH GmbH, 2021
Battery Research: More Capacity (chosen as Hot Paper by Editors)

MTET researchers have shown how improved oxygen chemistry enhances the durability of lithium-ion batteries.
Take a look at the open access "HOT PAPER" in Angewandte Chemie.

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look KIT: Energylab 2.0 KIT
Energy Lab 2.0

... combines electric, thermal & chemical energy flows as well as new information & communication technologies as the only infrastructure of this kind in Germany.


Subject of the Science Year 2020/21 plays an important role in the MTET Topics Chemical Energy Carriers and Ressource & Energy Efficiency.

Technik. Folgen. Visionen. KIT
Technology. Implications. Visions.

MTET contents presented in the new look KIT issue: Closing the plastics loop / 42 / Hydrogen test center / 50 / Li extraction by geothermal plants / 57 /

Transfer von Wissen und Technologie B.Schäfer, KIT
Transfer of Knowledge and Technology
Talent Management
Talent Management