High-Temperature Thermal Technologies

The Topic "High-Temperature Thermal Technologies" centers on the provision, storage and utilization of high-temperature heat from the combustion of renewable energy sources, from solar energy or from geothermal sources. To cover the electrical residual load and to provide sustainable heat for industry and households, we aim to exploit load and fuel-flexible gas turbines, advanced concentrating solar technologies, geothermal heat extraction, high-temperature heat pumps, and tailor-made thermal energy storage systems.

Besides the technical improvement of the various technologies, one major objective of the topic is
to demonstrate the benefits of their integration with low-cost thermal energy storage technology
for the electricity and heating sector, in particular by:

  • the integration of a thermal energy storage with small gas turbines to allow for both improved grid support and fuel saving,
  • the integration of a high-temperature heat storage (>700 °C) into solar thermal power plants to shift the energy production efficiently to high revenues periods and complement PV electricity,
  • the use of geoenergy reservoirs to enable seasonal underground heat storage,
  • the charging of a high-temperature thermal energy storage systems using high-temperature heat pumps powered by excess wind and PV for electricity storage (referred to as Carnot battery).

KIT focus on HT3 themes:

High Temperature Materials
Concentraiting Solar Power
Thermal Energy Storage

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High-Temperature Materials
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Thermal Energy Storage
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