High-Temperature Thermal Technologies

The Topic "High-Temperature Thermal Technologies" centers on the provision, storage and utilization of high-temperature heat from the combustion of renewable energy sources, from solar energy or from geothermal sources. To cover the electrical residual load and to provide sustainable heat for industry and households, we aim to exploit load and fuel-flexible gas turbines, advanced concentrating solar technologies, geothermal heat extraction, high-temperature heat pumps, and tailor-made thermal energy storage systems.

Besides the technical improvement of the various technologies, one major objective of the topic is
to demonstrate the benefits of their integration with low-cost thermal energy storage technology
for the electricity and heating sector, in particular by:

  • the integration of a thermal energy storage with small gas turbines to allow for both improved grid support and fuel saving,
  • the integration of a high-temperature heat storage (>700 °C) into solar thermal power plants to shift the energy production efficiently to high revenues periods and complement PV electricity,
  • the use of geoenergy reservoirs to enable seasonal underground heat storage,
  • the charging of a high-temperature thermal energy storage systems using high-temperature heat pumps powered by excess wind and PV for electricity storage (referred to as Carnot battery).

KIT focus on HT3 themes:

Gas Turbines
Concentraiting Solar Power
Thermal Energy Storage

Atomsonde KIT
Gas Turbines
KASOLA Schaltwarte KIT
Concentrating Solar Power - CSP
Kalla KIT
Thermal Energy Storage
Modular Low Temperature Cycle Karlsruhe (MoNiKa) KIT


3 MTET Energy Solutions at Hannover Messe 2022KIT
3 MTET Energy Solutions at Hannover Messe 2022

KIT's startup ICODOS, the Carbon CycleLab & NECOC provide solutions for circular economy of plastics, NET ZERO technology & efficient P2X technogy.

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KIT Junior Research Group of Dr. Niedermeier certified. The group "Liquid Metal-Based Heat Storage - Key to CO2-Free High-Temperature Processes" has been recognized by the KIT Presidium as an official KIT junior research group. KIT
KIT Junior Research Group of Dr.-Ing. Niedermeier certified

The group "Liquid Metal-Based Heat Storage - Key to CO2-Free High-Temperature Processes" was recognized by KIT presidium as an official KIT junior research group.

Picture a Scientist - Portrait
GeoLaB stellt ein generisches geowissenschaftliches Untertagelaboratorium im kristallinen Grundgebirge bereit. Ziel der Forschung ist eine sichere und ökologisch nachhaltige Nutzung der wichtigsten Geothermieressourcen in Deutschland. KIT
Geothermal energy is essential for the heat transition

A joint roadmap by Helmholtz centers (KIT, UFZ, GFZ) and Fraunhofer institutes identifies fields of action for a sustainable heat supply.

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Energy Campus 2021Privat
Valentin Goldberg wins Energy Campus 2021

with his work on "Selective precipitation of dissolved minerals from geothermal brines" prepared at KIT and Univerisdad de Chile (UCH).

website Foundation Energy & Climate Protection in German
Enabling Net Zero: a new Graduate School at KIT
Enabling Net Zero - What is it all about?

Supervisors & students of all KIT faculties from energy research are invited to this event to learn about  research topics, quali concept, & how to become active ENZo member

m Modellprojekt GECKO werden die Bedenken und das Wissen Betroffener frühzeitig in die Entwicklung einer Tiefengeothermie-Anlage eingebrachtK. Heid, KIT
Geothermal energy: Join the heat revolution!

The GECKO project explores new ways of stakeholder & citizen participation in the development of infrastructure facilities for the energy transition. Scenario workshop 15 Oct. 21

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European Geothermal Workshop 2021
9th EGW 2021 in Karlsruhe!

The main focus of EGW in 2021 is on high-temperature thermal energy storage. The EGW provides a platform for scientific exchange, especially between PhD students and scientists.



more @AGW website
Project BrineMineGoldberg, KIT
Sustainable Geothermal Raw Material Extraction in Chile

BrineMine project: KIT researches the gentle extraction of energy, raw materials and drinking water from geothermal sources (BMBF project)

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Webinar Computational Modelling for Future Research in Geoenvironmental SciencesPixabay
1st webinar on "Discrete Element Method" on 14 July 2021, 9 am

Prof. Sergio Galindo Torres will give a lecture on the topic above as part of the series "Computational Modelling for Future Research in Geoenvironmental Sciences".

Registration is required here
Renewable Energies: Towards large-scale thermal storage

KIT scientists & partners conduct research into inexpensive & highly efficient thermal storage systems of the next generation in the BMWi-Project LIMELISA. Grant: 03EE5050C

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'Materials for Hybrid Energy Storage - Creating an Ecosystem for Innovation'
EERA Workshop on Materials for Hybrid Energy Storage

will take place next week April 14, 2021, 10-12 pm (CET) with speakers from academia, industry, and politics to share knowledge, experiences & discuss future scenarios.

Register @ EERA website
MoNiKa power plant technology centre: Sustainable Power Generation with Low TemperaturesKIT
Sustainable Power Generation at Low Temperatures

MoNiKa power plant technology hub: Industry & science work on energy-efficient technologies converting low-temperature heat into electricity

Ein Blick ins Innenleben der Geothermieanlage BruchsalEnBw, U. Deck
UnLimited: Lithium from the Upper Rhine Graben for Batteries

Congratulation: BMWi-funded joint project UnLimited kicks off with studies on geothermal lithium production: 12/2020-11/2024.


Appointment of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bronislava Gorr to the IAM-AWP in October 2020

MTET subtopics Thermal Energy Storage & Concentrating Solar Power are strengthened by her contributions in the field of material behavior under extreme environmental conditions.

Join in shaping the regional heat transition!

What role does geothermal energy play for you? The DeepStor accompanying project GECKO has been launched!

 Moritz Leg
Vom Treibhausgas zum Hightech-Rohstoff im Projekt NECOC

Technologien für negative THG-Emissionen: Am KIT entsteht eine Versuchsanlage zur Umwandlung von CO2 aus der Umgebungsluft in festen Kohlenstoff