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A Catalyzing Woman | The MTET Helmholtz Program: Materials and Technologies for the Energy Transition  Topic 3: Chemical Energy Carriers KIT
Dr. Karla Herrera Delgado works on the topic of power-based fuels and chemicals derived from CO2 and renewable electricity.

A Catalyzing Woman

When she was a child, she wanted to be a "mad scientist," says Dr. Karla Herrera Delgado. Not at all does she fit the clichés of tousled white hair and unworldliness. But she is a scientist through and through. At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karla Herrera Delgado works on chemical energy sources. Among other things, these can be used to temporarily store electricity from the fluctuating renewable sources of sun and wind when there is an oversupply, and to feed it back into the grid when needed. Such power-to-fuel concepts can be used to advance the energy transition. Since energy conversion takes place under different and not always ideal conditions, this requires process technology designed for different scales as well as robust catalysts for the individual process steps. This is the domain of Dr. Karla Herrera Delgado: read more...
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Peter and Luise Hager Prize 2021H. Kirsch, privat
Dr.-Ing. Hannah Kirsch wins Peter and Luise Hager Prize

...2021 for her outstanding work on systematic investigation of process integration of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis & hydrocracking with a view to the simplest possible ...more



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...shows project results that are important for CO2 neutral Germany up to 2050. Net-Zero-2050 is intended to promote the public & political debate on CO2 neutrality on various levels.

From research 2 application - with green H2 to climate neutrality

9 MTET speakers/co-authors from KIT participate & show how fossil GHG emissions can be reduced to zero in 10-20 years including green H2 technologies.

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Wissenschaftliche Begleitforschung deckt Energieforschungsbedarfe in Industrie und Gewerbe auf; EE4InG, Energieeffizienz
EE4InG Project Uncovers Demand for Energy Research in Industry & Trade

EE4InG researchers, representatives from BMWi & Projektträger Jülich met for the final meeting at the ETA factory of TU Darmstadt.

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4th Doctoral Colloquium Bioenergy (DOC2021)

This year's Doctoral Colloquium Bioenergy was organized on September 13-14, 2021 at KIT
DOC2021 Bioenergy KIT KIT
DOC2021 Bioenergy KIT DBFZ, Uni Bochum
Labtour DOC2021 Bioenergy KIT PSI
Labtour DOC2021 Bioenergy KIT KIT

This year, the 4th DOC2021 Doctoral Colloquium Bioenergy was organized on September 13-14, 2021 by the Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology (IKFT) of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) supported by DBFZ in Leipzig and by the Scientific Advisory Board, which comprises more than 40 renowned bioenergy scientists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Norway.

Future researchers, industry representatives and policy makers need to be brought together at an early stage to share knowledge and discuss research gaps and challenges. At the same time, networking between scientific institutions that are already intensively involved in bioenergy research needs to be expanded.

Addressing that demand, the Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY was initiated in 2018. Since then, it does not only serve as a platform for junior scientists to gain further qualification, but also provides an opportunity for networking and scientific exchange. Doctoral researchers from both universities and other research institutions present and discuss their latest results and advancements.

Theme fields (inter alia)

  • Sustainable resource base
  • Bioenergy system analysis 
  • Thermochemical conversion
  • Biochemical conversion
  • Biorefineries / Biofuels

The Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY covers every part of the biomass conversion chain, from the feedstock to different conversion pathways and their technological implementation, up to the resulting products and services. In addition, the necessary system analyses and measures for system integration were addressed.

The 4th Doctoral Colloquium BIOENERGY started with a guided laboratory and plant tour at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Campus-Nord.

Twitter: ∂doc_bioenergy

look KIT: Energylab 2.0 KIT
Energy Lab 2.0

... combines electric, thermal & chemical energy flows as well as new information & communication technologies as the only infrastructure of this kind in Germany.


Subject of the Science Year 2020/21 plays an important role in the MTET Topics Chemical Energy Carriers and Ressource & Energy Efficiency.

Transfer von Wissen und Technologie B.Schäfer, KIT
Transfer of Knowledge and Technology
Talent Management
Talent Management
Technik. Folgen. Visionen. KIT
Technology. Implications. Visions.

MTET contents presented in the new look KIT issue: Closing the plastics loop / 42 / Hydrogen test center / 50 / Li extraction by geothermal plants / 57 /