Photovoltaics: New Material Combination for Perovskite Solar Cells Increases EfficiencyBreig, KIT
Photovoltaics: New Material Combination Increases Efficiency

KIT team develops method to minimize material defects. Higher efficiency of perovskite tandem solar cells possible: open access study.

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KIT participates in all 3 BMBF Hydrogen Flagship Projects: H2Mare, H2Giga, TransHyDEBreig, KIT
KIT participates in all 3 BMBF Hydrogen Flagship Projects

H2Mare, H2Giga, TransHyDE: Research to accelerate production, transport, and utilization of green hydrogen

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Battery Research: Carus Medal goes to KIT ScientistP. Neher
Battery Research: Carus Medal goes to KIT Scientist

Dr. Dominic Bresser receives the Leopoldina award for his significant contributions to battery research in the field of alternative electrode materials & electrolyte systems.

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BMBF Appoints MTET Scientist in Advisory Board "Battery Research Germany"
Congratulations! Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Krewer

from IAM-ET, was appointed to the advisory board "Battery Research Germany" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

BMBF Leitprojekt H2GigaPtJ, BMBF
KickOff BMBF Flagship Project H2Giga 26.8.2021

The Electrolysis Technology Platform aims to scale up H2 production to GW scale via industrialization of H2O electrolysis. Involved: MTET scientists from IAM-ET & ISTM.

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Record-breaking Lithium-metal CellAB, KIT
Record-breaking Lithium-metal Cell

Ni-rich cathode and ionic liquid electrolyte enable extremely heigh energy density & good stability. Published open access Wu et al. Joule 2021: Capacity keeps 88 % after 1000 Cycles!

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Synthetic Fuels at KIT: Modular Plant in Successful Coupled OperationKIT
Synthetic Fuels: Modular Plant in Successful Coupled Operation

Power-to-Liquid facility at KIT's Energy Lab 2.0 with optimized reactor design directly combines synthesis gas production from CO2 with fuel production.

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reFuels suitable for general useKIT
reFuels Are Suitable for Wide Use

Field tests show positive results for exhaust emissions - Life cycle assessment (LCA) shows significant CO2 reduction potential of reFuels

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KIT joined 5 consortia of National Research Data InfrastructureBreig, KIT
National Research Data Infrastructure - 8 Consortia...

with KIT participation funded since 2020: NFDI4Cat focuses on catalysis research. MTET scientists Olaf Deutschmann (Co-Speaker), Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt, and Felix Studt are involved.


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European Geothermal Workshop 2021
9th EGW 2021 in Karlsruhe!

The main focus of EGW in 2021 is on high-temperature thermal energy storage. The EGW provides a platform for scientific exchange, especially between PhD students and scientists.



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Project BrineMineGoldberg, KIT
Sustainable Geothermal Raw Material Extraction in Chile

BrineMine project: KIT researches the gentle extraction of energy, raw materials and drinking water from geothermal sources (BMBF project)

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Workshop: Technical Nanocatalysts in Industry

7 May 2021: Nanocat's role & potentials for CO2 savings & energy efficiency discussed in the workshop of the Research Network Energy
Workshop: Technical Nanocatalysts in Industry KIT
EE4InG | Accompanying research of the Research Network Energy of the BMWi
World-Café Pixabay
Exchange & discussion during the World Café

The stakeholders of the innovation system (academia: CAU, KIT, TUM, FHI-MPG, TUDa, TUB; industry: Evonik, hte/BASF, CreativeQuantum, Zeolyst International; associations: VDI, DECHEMA & policymakers: BMWi, PTJ) discussed ideas on innovative products & technical solutions to reduce energy consumption & CO2 emissions against the background of climate neutrality 2050, which requires a structural change of the chemical industry. Two keynote speeches addressed:

  • Electrochemical energy conversion & storage
  • Nanocatalysis as a contribution to energy & resource efficiency and process intensification

Followed by open exchange & lively discourse in the World Café...

  • Motivation, trends and gaps: holistic view of catalyst and process development; scalability of catalyst production / catalyst recycling / component recycling; achieving overall systemic efficiency to establish a circular economy
  • State of the art, challenges: How do we research and develop?
  • Future topics & structures: Material production and integrated development, digitalization of catalysis research, structures for transfer of research results into industrial practice.

Specific nanostructuring enables incremental improvements of catalytic processes or the development of completely new catalytic reaction pathways. The results of the workshop contribute to the EduaR&D paper (EduaR&D method): "Technische Nanokatalysatoren in Industrie und Gewerbe" as part of the EE4InG project. For further information, please get in contact with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Sauer or Philipp Haltenort.


look KIT: Energylab 2.0 KIT
Energy Lab 2.0

... combines electric, thermal & chemical energy flows as well as new information & communication technologies as the only infrastructure of this kind in Germany.


Subject of the Science Year 2020/21 plays an important role in the MTET Topics Chemical Energy Carriers and Ressource & Energy Efficiency.

Technik. Folgen. Visionen. KIT
Technology. Implications. Visions.

MTET contents presented in the new look KIT issue: Closing the plastics loop / 42 / Hydrogen test center / 50 / Li extraction by geothermal plants / 57 /

Transfer von Wissen und Technologie B.Schäfer, KIT
Transfer of Knowledge and Technology
Talent Management
Talent Management