Helmholtz-Program MTET: Materials and Technologies for the Energy Transition

Helmholtz-Program MTET: Materials and Technologies for the Energy Transition
 M. Breig, KIT
Renewable Energy: CO2 Splitting by Microwave Plasma

KIT researchers show in ACS Energy Letters that high efficiency is possible not only in vacuum but also at atmospheric pressure.

Boysen Award 2021S. Schäfer, KIT
Friedrich and Elisabeth Boysen Award 2021 | Congratulations!

Dr.-Ing. Marion Börnhorst won the Award for her outstanding doctoral thesis "Urea-Water Sprays in NOx Emission Control Systems".

Expert Workshop on 3D Printing for Process Industry
Exploiting Efficiency Potential of 3D Printing in Process Industry

Workshop of industry, science & policy makers about innovative products & technical solutions reducing energy consumption & CO2 emissions.

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Girls Day 2021
Girls Day 2021 - We join in on April 22!

We offer female pupils exciting insights into our work & labs: Fuels from air & green energy@IMVT, H2 a sustainable energy storage@ITCP/IKFT

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look KIT: Energylab 2.0 KIT
Energy Lab 2.0

... combines electric, thermal & chemical energy flows as well as new information & communication technologies as the only infrastructure of this kind in Germany.


Subject of the Science Year 2020/21 plays an important role in the MTET Topics Chemical Energy Carriers and Ressource & Energy Efficiency.

Technik. Folgen. Visionen. KIT
Technology. Implications. Visions.

MTET contents presented in the new look KIT issue: Closing the plastics loop / 42 / Hydrogen test center / 50 / Li extraction by geothermal plants / 57 /

Transfer von Wissen und Technologie B.Schäfer, KIT
Transfer of Knowledge and Technology
Talent Management
Talent Management